Life after crime 


Before it all happened

Before it all happened

Before it all happened

Before it all happened

Before it all happened

The night our life changed...

My name is Brendi and I live in Durban, South Africa. The reason I am posting this article is to see if there are other people out there who also went through a similar experience and how they coped with it.

Two years ago I was living a normal life, with my husband, Mario and son. We had a house & car and we both had a good job. We were not rich, but we had a good life. All this changed in one night as my husband was attacked by three men who stole his cell phone. They stabbed him in the neck; ear as well as in his head. The knife went through his scull and penetrated his brain by 4 cm. When we found him next to the road, I must say, I thought he was dead. After we couldnít get hold of an Ambulance we loaded him into a car and rushed him to hospital. They worked on him for about 3 hours before I could see him. The next day a brain scan revealed the horror of the accident. He had a lot of blood on his brain as well as two false aneurysms. He underwent 3 brain operations, the first one was almost 10 hours in theatre, the second to drain blood and put in a drain and the third one to put in a shunt. When he finally came around after being in a coma for about 2 weeks, he didnít know who I was or anybody for that matter. He was in nappies. I was told that he would be a vegetable forever.

This story has a happy ending as, two years later Marius is starting to recover to the extent where I believe we can actually start building a future again. This is only because of allot of prayer and faith & believing that he will get better, despite what the doctors say. I also feel that I am getting my husband back. The only bad thing is that because he couldnít work, and I had to literally change nappies and nurse him back to life, this had a severe impact on our finances. We lost our house & mostly everything. I started working again about a year ago to stay alive. It is very hard when ones life changes literally overnight.

Is there anybody out there who had a similar experience? What did you do? How did you put your life back together again? How can one recover financially?


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